Sunday, October 3, 2010


?????? the action or habit of estimating something as worthless..
           so SIMPLE, BUT STANDS OUT TO BE GIGANTIC IN dictionary.
same is with life,quite puzzling, things seems to be closer but aren't, life diversify so radically where our power of understanding dismisses its attention
                      still the game continuous.....!!
psycho-dramatic though, but worth tasting; therefore somewhere deep in me, i call it " BAND OF SPECTRUM"
which categorizes our life on daily basis with these countable no of 7 days a week..!
           our voyage of life consists in these numerous weeks/yrs ..
perhaps hurdles or breakages makes the journey flimsy, still ignoring never states its mark in the game of living.., sometimes vibrant, sometimes tricky ...
                          n still the player states... continue, i want to play!!!

ViRuS deTeCteD>>>>>>>?

Pessimism,sitting quietly,muttering things,switching into sub-conscious mood,disturbed and unconditional life track...... where my gaddi is moving..?
            Na....Na it's ain't me... i re-discovered the shocking life in me
      gazed into my tresses of reflection and warned!... Darling, A VIRUS has got wild entry into u... because of DEMENTED disorder, huh!
        notifying the clarity of disturbances, this irrational virus has made its substance in me..
NW through perceptive me it got detected!! 
  this calamity has one answer to it;
           it needs only my self assistance..with purity and warmth of love, ambiance of my beautiful exsistance,  my prevailing treasurer future, and  happiness of my dignified roots...
          this package indeed turns out to be my real self.. 
       hence,i stepped forward making way for a new beginning....WELCOMING the eternal life once again!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the color story..!

what um suppose to do..? this question which creates pain n cracks in thousands of hearts never came to me.. surprisingly..even in hard times.. life in my perspective is actually with different tints,tones and shades..its a complete package of spectrum..where dark,pastels and bright colors are reflected,its us who relishes the beauty of bright colors,but forgets that the color pallet is incomplete without those odd or negligible colors.
                                     today i am not aware of  which color um reflecting..but am happy that still this living is considered into the color pallet where some or the other day bright colors would also accompany me..